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Topics Introduction What is self-motivation? 8 self-motivation keys INTRODUCTION That motivation is key to success is unarguable. But it's a path most of us find inaccessible and studded with thorns. We find ourselves stuck in cycles of idleness, laziness, and defeatism: we just don't know how to motivate ourselves. In this post we will talk about motivation, it's meaning, features, types, and how to apply them for goals achievement. WHAT IS SELF-MOTIVATION? Motivation . A magical word that makes the difference between the frustrated and the achiever. It is a musical track that separates failure from success. It is the natural tune of the GO-GETTERS who are always self-motivated to never give up, because whenever the going gets tough, it is only  the tough who has the ability and capability to boldly and relentlessly push ahead towards the goal. Self-Motivation is a powerful psychological and emotional instrument, it is a key component to successfully achieve any go


  Topics A day late and a dollar short Consequences of inaction 5 measures against inaction A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT Or it could be a day late and a pound , a Euro, a naira, etc short! The idea is the same, it conveys the same message. It's a phrase you and I have obviously heard over and over again year in year out, like a popular musical track over the radio waking us from sleep every morning.  So what's it all about? What does it actually mean? Explained in very simple words, we are talking about actions that are taken when it is already too late and that are too feeble to be of any use. It's all about the outcomes and dangers of inaction; it means that if you delay to respond or refuse to act on an issue, or don’t get something done in time, you definitely end up paying the price. CONSEQUENCES OF INACTION Inaction and delays come with their own  serious negative consequences. If you don't make a move you will yourself be moved or shoved aside. Inaction, delays,