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               Topics: The scary painting 9 means to free yourself from poverty Conclusion THE SCARY PAINTING If you have ever had first-hand relationship with it, you would do anything humanly possible to avoid encountering it again. I have had 1st-hand experience of it and I can tell you it's not what you would wish for your worst enemy. You want to know what I am talking about? I asked that artist the same question. Everytime I drove past I had seen this guy showing off exactly the same painting which he had never got anyone to buy. This guy had become a laughing stock and a pariah amongst his fellow hawkers who usually gave him a very wide gap. I soon realized the cause of this, and it was what he held in his hand. Everytime I drove past I saw how ugly it was. How could he expect anyone in his or her right mind to buy something as disgusting as that? One day I couldn't help myself, my curiousity simply bowled me over and I needed answers. I parked on the pedestria


              Topics A key to effective decision-making Define the purpose Analyze and develop strategies Implement evaluate and adjust Conclusion A KEY TO EFFECTIVE DECISION-MAKING Do you ever plan it before you yawn or release an explosive cough or sneeze? Of course you don't. That's instinct  expressing itself. Same way your hand flies to kill an insect at the sound of its buzz across your ears. It doesn't need your permission or thought to do that. It's the body defence system acting on auto drive But that's instinct. For deliberate activities and actions whereby we naturally want to receive EXPECTED results, there must be a PLAN, which is defined in  the Cambridge Dictionary as " a set of decisions about how to do something in the futur e ",  and without which you can never even expect to achieve any desired outcome. Planning is a roadmap to a desired  target. Goals are useless without a plan to achieve them. It doesn't matter whether i