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    Table of Contents is there a shortcut to wealth and success? where are the quick fixes? 8 legitimate strategies to prosperity conclusion IS THERE A SHORTH-CUT TO PROSPERITY? Wealth is not necessary synonymous with success, though nowadays we use them as if they mean the same thing (which they don't). Wealth naturally deals with existing abundance of something, such as economic  assets, riches, and valuable material possessions. Success, on the other hand, concerns itself with EXPECTED POSITIVE RESULTS of a planned movement or effort:  such as the achievement of one's aims, objectives, targets, or goals - whether in business, socially, academically, professionally, in  humanitarian service, in any area of focus and endeavor, etc. For some people, the journey to wealth or success can be quite a hoot and a holler, having been shortened dramatically for them by fortunate  circumstances of birth. They were lucky to have been naturally inserted into wealth or influence or royalty


  Outliine A bad penny always turns up 9 tactics to tackle financial crisis conclusion A BAD PENNY ALWAYS TURNS UP Life itself is rich in its own share of bad pennies: unpleasant, dishonorable and unwanted realities which tend to appear or reappear at inopportune moments. They may manifest in many forms, either physical or spiritual. They may be bad  situations, financial troubles, unpleasant times,   troublesome people, business troubles, storms in relationships, or other forms of negative unforseen circumstances.  Just when you think you are already in your comfort zone and can safely doze off, they always pop up and drop a can of worms on your lap. No matter how hard you have tried to dislodge them, no matter how careful you think you have been,  there's just no getting rid of them. They keep coming back, like rheumatic pains which just won't leave an elderly guy alone. They are the perfect  personification of the phrase "a bad penny always turns up". So what do yo


  Table of Contents nobody wants to lose 6 means to overcome loss aversion and enjoy better business growth conclusion NOBODY WANTS TO LOSE Who wants to be a loser? Don't bother to reply, the answer's as obvious and loud as a roll of thunder. Nobody! Yeah. Winning is contagious and attractive: it's a superstar across all ages. Everybody loves a winner and  would do anything to win. When you are victorious everyone jostles to become your friend, but who wants to be associated with a loser? Yet, contrary to our default preferences, it's impossible to win all the time. You would have to be perfect to achieve that feat at every roll of a dice. Last time I checked: nobody is perfect. How do we manage our common aversion to loss? By natural instinct, it's usual for us to avoid deals or transactions where we are afraid we might lose out. It's a behavioral finance matter and it has nothing to do with whether you are an economic guru or not: if it looks like